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Xelani Open 2023 - Last Day to Register

Racquetball Tournament: XELANI OPEN

Dates: Feb 25-26, 2023

Location: Miami, FL USA - University Of Miami Wellness Center

Director: Alex Zamudio

Entry Deadline: 2/15/2023 11:50 PM CT

Last day to register for the XELANI OPEN. Registration closes at midnight tonight, February 15.

As of today we have 23 singles players & 28 doubles. This is shaping to be an amazing and huge bracket with a variety of players from various parts of the world, including a couple of women. Thank you ladies! We have players coming from Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Colombia and, of course, USA.

We would like to get to the full round of 32 for Singles and a full 16 teams in doubles with no “Bye’s”. We need your participation. I know we can get there easily with your support. If you were on the fence about participating, please come and support. Racquetball legend and all-time great, Marty Hogan, will be there playing doubles and mingling with us mere mortals. 

Remember if you feel unsure about playing against ‘Open’ players, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of racquetball to be played. After all, that’s the purpose of going to an event is to get games in, compete with player’s you don’t typically get to play and not be ‘one-and-done’ after a 1st-round loss. We will have a consolation draw guaranteeing at least 2 matches in each division enrolled. 

Also, depending on the draws and if time allows, for Singles I’m considering a 3rd consolation draw guaranteeing at least 3 matches in Olympic format. Imagine the main bracket with a massive 32 players, 1st consolation draw sitting at 16 players, and 2nd consolation draw at 8 players!!! We are here to have fun and play racquetball. And that’s what we’ll do. So come join the fun and support this event. 

Bring your sunglasses and suntan lotion. See you in Miami!

Free to register on the R2Sports website. 

Entry fee payment is collected at

All digital forms of payment are accepted as well, please contact Xelani for your preferred method if other than credit card.

—> CashApp, Venmo, ApplePay, PayPal, Zelle, and I.O.U. 

Find us on social media

Instagram: @xelani_sports

Facebook: Xelani Sports

Let’s make this event epic!

Alex Zamudio

Xelani Sports

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